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Marko anticipates grid penalties at Ferrari: We want a fair fight

Marko anticipates grid penalties at Ferrari: "We want a fair fight"

12-06-2022 14:29


Helmut Marko is satisfied with the result for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, but the Red Bull advisor stresses that his team would prefer to see a fair fight with Ferrari.

Things went badly wrong for Ferrari in Baku after both Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc crashed out due to reliability problems. Marko knows all too well how that feels, as his team was plagued by problems at the start of the season

"We want a fair fight, but I think Leclerc is already into the third engine. He will have at least one or two changes and grid penalties," Marko told ServusTV. So it doesn't look good for Ferrari with future grid penalties looming, while we're still only early in the season.

Marko explains the situation after the start

At the start of the race, Max Verstappen did not manage to overtake Leclerc, but according to the Austrian, there was a clear explanation for this. In the end, Red Bull turned out to be faster in the race, so even without Leclerc's dropout, the team might have won.

"Overall, it was a bit unfortunate for us that Leclerc had slipstream from Perez in the first few laps, so Max didn't get past immediately. But then we saw what we suspected, that we were absolutely the fastest in race."

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