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Mercedes will drive with rainbow star in Baku for Pride Month
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Mercedes will drive with rainbow star in Baku for Pride Month

8 June - 16:33 Last update: 19:13


Many F1 teams have already made a statement this month around Pride Month which is a month dedicated to raising awareness and attention around the LGBTQ+ community. Alpine and Aston Martin, among others, have already paid attention to it on social media, but Mercedes is now taking a step further to raise awareness.

The reigning world champions will drive the next three races with a rainbow star on the nose of their W13. So the silver star will make way for the new star in Azerbaijan, Canada and at the British Grand Prix, at the team's home race. In addition, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell will drive with the rainbow star on their helmet, Mercedes announced in a statement.

Internal focus on Pride Month as well

In addition to the public expression around Pride Month, Mercedes will also give attention to the month within the factory. For example, they will be organizing networking events where the focus will be on their LGBTQ+ colleagues. They will also share stories on social media from team members about their stories within Pride Month.

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