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2022 not the most important year for Ricciardo: 'That was the most important'

2022 not the most important year for Ricciardo: 'That was the most important'

7 June - 20:59 Last update: 7 June - 20:59


As in all forms of top sport, past achievements are quickly forgotten in Formula 1 when a driver no longer performs as he once did. This is what Daniel Ricciardo is currently experiencing with his disappointing performance at McLaren. Despite the fact that he remains determined to prove himself, he also realises that certain goals may now be too high.

None other than McLaren CEO Zak Brown recently openly pointed out the possibility of breaking Ricciardo's contract early. So there is a lot of pressure on the Australian's shoulders, but that does not make 2022 the most important year of his Formula One career.

Most important year for Ricciardo

The driver indicates in conversation with Crash.net that all years are important, but does point to one year that has meant the most to his F1 career. "Strictly speaking, 2013 was probably my most important year," he explains. That year he drove at Toro Rosso and focused on a possible move to Red Bull Racing, which he succeeded in the following year.

"This year is more about me being able to prove myself," continued Ricciardo, who has struggled to find his feet since his move to McLaren. He himself still believes in his own abilities, but at the same time he also realizes that certain goals are probably no longer attainable.

Ricciardo accepts that a title may not be possible

He has come to terms with the idea that he may never become world champion, although the dream remains. Until now, his greatest opportunity to realize that dream was at Red Bull Racing. "Every year I believed I was good enough to do it [win a title] and obviously I didn't," he acknowledges.

He now realises that there are an awful lot of variables in the sport and that everything has to come together to win a championship. The McLaren driver stresses that that realization comes not from a defeated mindset, but more from a kind of maturity. "If that is the only thing that will really give me satisfaction in this sport, I might be left with nothing," Ricciardo concludes.

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