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Hamilton on fellow drivers: 'That's why they can't quite understand'

Hamilton on fellow drivers: 'That's why they can't quite understand'

6 June - 15:39 Last update: 15:58


The knowledge that Lewis Hamilton is a great advocate of more diversity within Formula 1 should not be a secret by now. A special committee was created to promote diversity within Formula 1 and with his foundation Mission 44 he does the same for young people in general. It is something that gives Hamilton more satisfaction than anything else.

With small steps forward

Hamilton has been actively working to promote diversity - within Formula One - for years, but he has to admit that he's not really seeing results yet. "It goes forward with small steps," the Mercedes driver told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra. He does see that there is more awareness within Formula 1, but there is still a lot of work to be done. "It takes time, but I will keep pushing."

According to Hamilton, raising the issue of diversity is difficult. "Especially when you are the only one who takes a stand," he says. However, he does see a willingness among other drivers to think about the subject. "If you don't experience it yourself, you can't fully understand it. Some time ago I said to Toto Wolff, 'Imagine walking into the paddock and everyone is black and you're the only white person'."

Hamilton prouder of this than his seven titles

At his own team Mercedes, Hamilton already sees a positive development. For example, in terms of marketing, the team is now more diverse than ever. "Now I would like to see the same steps in other areas, such as with mechanics and engineers. To increase the presence of women in motorsport." For Hamilton, getting results in this is something that makes him prouder by far than his 103 wins or his seven world titles. "There is no better feeling than helping people in need."

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