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F1 expert Anderson with remarkable proposal to make Monaco more exciting

F1 expert Anderson with remarkable proposal to make Monaco more exciting

3 June - 12:53 Last update: 16:52


The 2022 Monaco Grand Prix was not how the event usually goes. The rain made it a race full of spectacle; something you don't normally see on the streets of Monte Carlo. F1 expert and former race car designer Gary Anderson comes up with a solution to make the races permanently more interesting.

Monaco is the jewel of the calendar and the event is quite prestigious. Winning the F1 race is part of the prestigious 'triple crown' of motorsport and the celebration around it is of great allure. Anderson says the race is also a nail-biter for drivers and teams, but for the spectator, it is often a dull procession down the narrow streets. The Brit thinks along to make the race more enjoyable for the spectator.

More exciting races Monaco by longer circuit

Indeed, the Monaco GP is in danger of being taken off the calendar, as the contract has expired and with Liberty Media's expansions, there isn't much room left to re-sign. A more enjoyable race will hopefully give the event more of a reason to exist, Anderson believes. At The-Race.com the F1 expert tells his solution: "This is my proposal; before the entrance of the tunnel you turn left a bit earlier instead of right in Portier. The roads there already exist and may need to be slightly modified for F1."

The Briton's idea is to then have the F1 cars drive through to the Beach Plaza Hotel, where a roundabout should then be built so that the drivers can drive 180 degrees the other way again towards the tunnel. With this, Anderson believes that more overtaking manoeuvres are possible. Also, this way two DRS zones can be added on the straights to and from the traffic circle which will lengthen the circuit by about one kilometre.

Anderson's urban planning for Monaco

Anderson has given it extensive thought and says, among other things: "This layout has many positives. Most of the roads already exist, so it will not be very expensive. In addition, the circuit will also be located in a part of Monaco that is not densely populated. [...] The new roundabout can ensure that the new part they are building there is better involved with the old town."

Anderson likes the idea of a traffic circle with the same characteristics as the hairpin: "It could become Monaco's little amphitheater with grandstands in and around the roundabout." The Brit even calls on Liberty Media to invest in a VIP area above the possible grandstands, as they will do in Las Vegas.

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