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Debate | Norris gives Ricciardo push towards McLaren exit in Monaco

Debate | Norris gives Ricciardo push towards McLaren exit in Monaco

28 May - 22:07 Last update: 28 May - 22:07


Daniel Ricciardo experienced a disappointing qualifying session at the Monaco Grand Prix. With a fourteenth starting position, he could not be satisfied at all. It is certainly not the first time that the Australian has failed to meet expectations, so he must slowly fear for his place at McLaren.

At the beginning of last season, the good-humoured driver still came into McLaren full of confidence, but that confidence quickly went away as he began his race year. Ricciardo clearly struggled to feel comfortable in the car and consequently experienced a difficult year in 2021.

This season he hoped things would improve, but nothing is further from the truth for now. With only eleven points gained, he is a whopping 28 points behind his teammate in the world championship, proving once again that Ricciardo is not getting everything out of his car. It is now causing a lot of impatience at McLaren.

McLaren puts pressure on Ricciardo's performance

Indeed, McLaren CEO Zak Brown let it be known this week that he is not ruling out an early termination of Ricciardo's contract, which runs until the end of 2023. It only adds to the pressure on Ricciardo. In Monaco on Sunday afternoon, he will face a very big challenge to finish in the points. In addition, he seems to have to focus on the next few months, where the moment of truth arrives. For now, in fact, a departure is closer than a contract extension.

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