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Vettel after seeing footage of near crash: Was that me?

Vettel after seeing footage of near crash: "Was that me?"

27 May - 20:08 Last update: 27 May - 20:08


Sebastian Vettel got away very well during the second free practice session in Monaco. The German narrowly kept his Aston Martin out of the wall. Speaking to the press, the driver joked about the moment, but he did warn about the aggressive set-up of the cars.

Vettel jokes about almost crash

It was certainly not a bad day for Vettel who ended FP2 in Monaco with the ninth fastest time. Vettel was on the limit of the car though as the footage (below) of his lap in which he just missed hitting the wall showed. Speaking to Sky Sports, the four-time world champion looked back at the footage and began to joke, "Was that me? I didn't hit the wall! It was a mistake, but the save was good!"

Daniel Ricciardo was another driver who had a moment during FP2, but for him it didn't end well. The McLaren driver parked his car hard in the wall. The Australian's reason for that crash was his car tuned too aggressively and Vettel can agree. Vettel: "We know we have to set the car very aggressively. In FP2 it was a bit too much on the front axle. Then you always have a bit of oversteer and not much confidence in the car. That costs you considerably here. The last attempt on soft tires was better, but it's still dancing on razorblades."

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