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Hamilton complains about 'different kind of bounce': 'Fight with the car'

Hamilton complains about 'different kind of bounce': 'Fight with the car'

27 May - 18:26


After a more successful weekend than Mercedes has been used to so far in 2022, the German racing stable had a difficult Friday in Monaco. Drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton again complained about the bouncing W13, but a "different kind of bounce" than before.

Hamilton had to settle for tenth in FP1 and twelfth in FP2 and isn't exactly thrilled with the way the W13 moved through the streets of Monaco. "First of all, it's the bumpiest track I've ever driven on," he begins on Sky Sports. "That makes it difficult, and in general our car bounces a lot."

Hamilton balks at 'different kind of bounce' Mercedes

According to the Mercedes driver, it is a different kind of bouncing than he experienced earlier in the season and only occurs at low speeds. "The bumps in the track make it worse," he continued.

According to Hamilton, it is not a matter of learning to approach the circuit in a different way. "It's just a battle with the car." He adds that it is quite a challenge to put down a lap.

The number six in the championship says he hopes Saturday will be a better day. "It feels like the car has the potential to compete with the others, but there are a lot of things that get in the way. But we won't stop fighting," Hamilton concluded.

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