Wolff reasonably optimistic: 'We were quick'

Wolff reasonably optimistic: 'We were quick'

27 May - 14:44 Last update: 15:12

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton finished eighth and tenth respectively in the first free practice session for the Monaco Grand Prix. At first glance, that's not a great result for Mercedes, but VT1 made it clear that there is a lot of potential. Despite problems with bouncing, the W13 seemed to be relatively fast.

"I think we have a ride issue, that is something we have had through the season on the bouncing," Wolff said in a conversation with Sky Sports"Sometimes it is a combination between the aero and the stiffness, today it is the stiffness. It looks like that our car performs because we were quick. Overall I think it is a good car but it is just undrivable like this. I think we can work on the set up to make it a bit more enjoyable for them."

Brundle and Rosberg on complaining Hamilton

Hamilton complained several times during the first practice session of the weekend about the well-known phenomenon of porpoising. On the British television channel, Nico Rosberg and Martin Brundle discuss the radio traffic on Hamilton's side in a brief review of the first free practice session.

"Interestingly, I’ve heard less complaining from George in that session, and he was also a touch quicker than Lewis," said single world champion Rosberg. Brundle understands that it's tricky, but doesn't call it insurmountable. "It’s annoying, but If he was P1, suddenly the bouncing wouldn’t be a problem."

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