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Perez discussed disappointment with Red Bull: 'We agreed on that'

Perez discussed disappointment with Red Bull: 'We agreed on that'

27 May - 07:29 Last update: 08:52


Sergio Perez had to relinquish his leading position to Max Verstappen at the Spanish Grand Prix and was disappointed about it. Meanwhile, that dissatisfaction has been expressed with the team and the Mexican is looking ahead to the Monaco Grand Prix.

No victory in Spain

Perez drove a strong Grand Prix of Spain. The Red Bull driver barely made a mistake at a weekend where he was behind the times due to missing FP1. In the race, however, he took the lead but had to relinquish it to Verstappen who was behind him on fresh tires.

Over the onboard radio, Perez said to accept the decision of the team but to find it not fair. He had passed Verstappen earlier in the race and was then not passed by Verstappen when he was on fresh tires behind him. Perez, therefore, did want to have a conversation with his team.

Conversation with Red Bull

''We had a conversation after the race with Christian (Horner) and all the engineers. We all agreed that we could have done some things a better, but in the end it was a good result for the team and we have a good momentum going as a team. No team has momentum like we do,'' he said to Formula1.com.

Within the team, Perez's action did give him a stronger negotiating position. His contract expires at the end of this year and Perez hopes he can stay longer with the Austrians. ''It's still early days. I would like to stay longer at Red Bull. We are both very happy, but it is still early now,'' Perez concludes.

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