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Formula 1 teams in talks about 25 races per season

Formula 1 teams in talks about 25 races per season

26-05-2022 17:16 Last update: 17:31


It is quite possible that next season we will have as many as 25 Grands Prix on the Formula 1 calendar, reports Erik van Haren. The journalist from De Telegraaf reports that the racing teams are in talks with the organization of the motorsport class to expand the program.

This season would actually have 23 races on the schedule, but due to the cancellation of the Russian GP, the formations have to deal with 'only' 22 destinations in 2022. Although the teams complain about the busy schedule, they still seem open to new races.

With GPs in China, Qatar and Las Vegas to be added next season, Formula 1 needs to find space quickly. The organization therefore wants to increase the maximum number of 24 races to 25 GPs in 2023, making it possible to admit new countries.

Formula 1 and teams still in talks

The race teams and Formula 1 are reportedly not in agreement yet, but an opening seems to be present. For example, the organization would start taking distances more into account, so that emissions would not be as high as this season. In any case, it means that Formula 1 is gearing up for a new record in 2023.