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Leclerc won't change approach in Monaco: 'I'm not going to change'

Leclerc won't change approach in Monaco: 'I'm not going to change'

26 May - 07:38 Last update: 09:37


Charles Leclerc has not yet managed to get a good result in his home Monaco, but he hopes to change that in 2022. Indeed, for the first time he comes to the circuit as the favorite.

Leclerc drove three Grands Prix of Monaco and in none of them did he see the checkered flag. In his debut year, he was included in the results, but was also found in the pit lane after a messy race. In 2019 Leclerc crashed out of the race, in 2020 the race was not run and in 2021 he did not even start due to a crash in qualifying.

Pressure on Leclerc

Still, outside Monaco, Leclerc has had good results on street circuits. ''That's because I like to flirt with the risks. Because on these kinds of tracks you can't make mistakes. That gives you a lot of adrenaline,'' Leclerc says to L'Equipe.

In Monaco, that approach did not work for the time being, but close to home his approach is also slightly different and he sleeps at home, for example. That won't change in 2022. ''I'm not going to change that approach and continue to do what I've done in recent years: I sleep at home.''

Winning in Monaco

Indeed, according to the Ferrari driver, the situation has changed enormously compared to recent seasons. In 2021, it was a big surprise that the Italian team could compete from the front, as the battle for the world title was between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. In 2022, on the contrary, Ferrari is expected to perform.

''Last year I took a lot of risks, because I knew I needed a miracle to reach the front row of the grid. This time I will not take the same risks. Because I know that the points are very important'', concludes the Monegasque, who already lost expensive points in Spain due to his retirement.

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