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Alonso lets go of 'Triple Crown' for now: 'First a few more years in F1'

Alonso lets go of 'Triple Crown' for now: 'First a few more years in F1'

24 May - 20:55 Last update: 22:05


For a few years, Fernando Alonso had the Triple Crown in his sights. In the meantime, however, the Spaniard is no longer sure if and when he will go for the still missing victory in the Indy 500.

The Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans have both been ticked off twice, only victory in the Indy 500 is still missing. During his first attempt in 2017, Alonso came very close with McLaren, but his Honda engine let him down from the lead position.

Alonso wants to stay in F1 for 'a few more years'

Meanwhile, the Spaniard has other priorities. He is currently enjoying himself in Formula 1 and has no intention of leaving it for the time being. "I'll see when the time is right," he says according to Speedweek.com. "At the moment I'm focusing fully on Formula 1."

He doesn't rule out another attempt at the Indy 500, but he's not concerned with that at this point. "I see myself driving here for a few more years," the two-time world champion continued. For the time being, Graham Hill remains the only driver who has managed to achieve the famous Triple Crown.

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