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Horner foresees challenge for Verstappen: It's a bit of a lottery

Horner foresees challenge for Verstappen: "It's a bit of a lottery"

24 May - 20:16 Last update: 22:05


In the early stages of the Spanish Grand Prix, especially after Max Verstappen went off track and ended up behind George Russell, Christian Horner thought a victory was out of the question. It seemed that way, too, until Charles Leclerc's Ferrari suddenly gave up the ghost.

Red Bull's alternative strategy proved to be the right one

Given Verstappen's DRS problem, Red Bull Racing decided to put the Dutchman on a three-stop strategy. This was initially an alternative strategy but turned out to be the best one later in the race.

"It's a shame for Charles and Ferrari for that retirement, but we know how that feels," says the Red Bull team boss on the F1 Nation podcast. "Then, for us, it was important to get those points in and maximize the score."

Now the teams and drivers head into the Monaco Grand Prix, where unpredictable factors often come into play. "It's a bit of a lottery," says the Briton about the historic circuit in Monte Carlo. He even hints at possible rain showers over the weekend and foresees a "big challenge" in the next race on the Formula One calendar.

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