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Sainz shakes off Ferrari pressure with analysis

Sainz shakes off Ferrari pressure with analysis

24 May - 14:11 Last update: 15:02


Carlos Sainz has yet to hit his best form after six Grands Prix. With three podium finishes and two eliminations, he is doing a lot less than his teammate Charles Leclerc, putting pressure on his performance. The Spaniard, however, is trying to remain calm.

Last season Sainz also struggled in the early stages, but soon the driver managed to pick it up then. This race year he is having a much harder time, as the race in Barcelona showed. In Spain, he fell outside the podium with a fourth final spot, finishing behind George Russell's Mercedes.

Sainz asks Ferrari for time

In an interview with The Race Sainz admits that his performance leaves much to be desired for now. At the same time, he sees that the challenge is not coming out of the blue. Sainz says he needs to get used to his car, which is structured differently due to the new regulations, so he needs time to get comfortable in it.

"You can either adapt yourself, or you can either bring your car a bit more to your liking," analyzed Sainz, who knows that sometimes a driver has to be patient. "These two things take time and they take knowledge and experience. It takes mistakes, it takes trial and error."

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