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Timetable | Historic adjustment for Monaco Grand Prix 2022
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Timetable | Historic adjustment for Monaco Grand Prix 2022

23 May - 10:57 Last update: 14:41


The Monaco Grand Prix is the next race on the Formula One calendar. For the first time, the unique street race in the principality will not hold sessions on Thursday, but "just" on Friday. View the schedule for the upcoming Monaco GP here.

After the Spanish Grand Prix, the Formula 1 teams and drivers can immediately get ready for the race in Monaco. For many drivers this is no problem at all, as most live in Monaco. So there will also be drivers who use this weekend to go to their own home for a while between sessions (or boat, like Kimi Raikkonen in 2006).

New daily schedule for Monaco

Normally in Monaco, the first and second free practice sessions were organized on Thursday. Originally this was once done to have time off after Ascension Day, but nowadays it had much more of a commercial interest as it allowed for longer celebrations in Monaco with all the luxury sponsors and VIPs. In 2022, this is no longer the case.

Like all races, the F1 weekend in Monaco has been shortened to three days, so the press conference and the two free practice sessions are on Friday. The first practice starts at 1pm and the second practice at 4pm. Qualifying is Saturday at 3pm and the race starts Sunday at 2pm.

Timetable for the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix


First free practice: 1-2pm

Second free practice: 4-5pm


Third free practice: 12-1pm

Qualification: 3-4pm


Race: 2-4pm

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