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Alonso has come to terms: 'I could have done things better'

Alonso has come to terms: 'I could have done things better'

23 May - 09:51 Last update: 10:19


Fernando Alonso drew the attention of the FIA and the stewards with his statements about the Miami Grand Prix. However, a good conversation with Mohammed Ben Sulayem has ensured that the Spaniard now sees it all differently.

Apologies from Alonso

Prior to the Spanish Grand Prix, Alonso was still furious with the stewards. They had given him a second time penalty in Miami which caused him to finish outside the points, without letting Alonso come up with his side of the story. Alonso called the race officials incompetent and unprofessional.

After a conversation with the president of the FIA, the matter was settled and Alonso could continue his journey without penalty. The Spaniard drove to ninth place during the Spanish GP and showed a different side of himself after the race. "Reflecting from Miami, and Friday (the press conference of the statements in question)" Alonso said according to The Race.

Confidence in the FIA

Alonso now argues that the stewards were just doing their job and that from the cockpit in the heat of the moment he sometimes sees things differently. A conversation with his 'good friend' Ben Sulayem has brought him to his senses and he has apologised to the president and the stewards.

"I have a lot of trust in Mohammed in how he’s handled FIA and all the changes he’s making and all the things he wants to improve. I fully support what he’s doing, we were talking about Miami and generally the year how it’s been, as I said hearing from them, I can see their point and I see that I can do things differently and better," concluded the two-time World Champion.

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