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Verstappen explains frustration: Had a chance to overtake him often
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Verstappen explains frustration: "Had a chance to overtake him often"

22 May - 16:57 Last update: 18:14


Given the frustrating start to his race, Max Verstappen probably didn't see victory coming in Barcelona. He talks about his frustrations with DRS and the moment with Sergio Perez, who had to let him pass while he was in the lead.

"The beginning was quite frustrating, also because my DRS didn't really work," Verstappen began at Viaplay. "It was very difficult to overtake after that, but in the end we did choose the right strategy. That's why we ended up in that first spot."

Verstappen explains frustration

In the early stages of the race, after a mistake sent him off track, he found himself behind George Russell. His failed DRS caused him to lose a lot of time behind the Mercedes driver, after which he expressed his frustrations on the team radio several times.

Verstappen explained why he became so frustrated. "You lose a lot of time, I had a chance to overtake him very often. Only my DRS didn't work, so eventually, you get frustrated."

The Red Bull driver was very grateful to his teammate Sergio Perez for the way he let him pass after the team instructed him to do so. He understands that it was a difficult moment for the Mexican, but points out that in another case he would have overtaken him elsewhere due to the speed difference. "For the team, it is safe if we don't fight with each other when you are on a different strategy," he said.

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