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Aston Martin restarts season: 'This weekend is a test'

Aston Martin restarts season: 'This weekend is a test'

22 May - 10:40 Last update: 13:06


Traditionally, a new Formula 1 season starts with a test in Barcelona. For Aston Martin, there appear to be two tests scheduled in Barcelona this season. The second is this weekend, where the totally redesigned car will see the light of day for the first time.

Reset for the season 

Meanwhile, the Aston Martin has been nicknamed 'the green Red Bull', because of its (accidental?) similarities. In any case, the car is a completely different one from the one at the beginning of the season. Without having driven a single mile, Aston Martin had to be immediately competitive with this car.

Given the mediocre results in qualifying - Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll didn't make it through Q1 - that's not yet out of the question. But there is no question of panic now, says technical director Andrew Green to The Race. Indeed, he sees this weekend as a test session. “The aerodynamic characteristic of the car is quite different", says Green.

Belief in the concept

Vettel thinks his team has made a move. "“We do believe in the concept and we’re confident that there’s more to come. It’s very early, it’s basically a new car that we ran yesterday, so it is different". Green confirmed: "It is different, and the drivers felt the difference. We’ve got to work and find out where the sweet spot is.” An opportunity to do that during real tests is not there. So everything has to be sorted out during the race weekends.

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