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Red Bull suspects three individuals regarding 'Green Red Bull'

Red Bull suspects three individuals regarding 'Green Red Bull'

21 May - 12:33 Last update: 13:31


This weekend's riot is the revamped Aston Martin that looks suspiciously like Red Bull's car in certain respects. This obviously doesn't sit well with the team and over the past few days we've heard the team talk about the situation several times. It's especially spicy because Aston Martin has a history of copying cars, after all they did the same thing in 2020 in partnership with Mercedes, which landed them a reprimand.

Aston Martin denies

Naturally, Lawrence Stroll 's team has responded by stating that there has been no infringement of intellectual property. A striking detail, however, is that the necessary employees of Red Bull Racing have transferred to Aston Martin. In that context, it is of course questionable to what extent Aston Martin's statement is credible.

Meanwhile, on Sky Sports Germany, it has been reported by presenter Peter Hardenacke that he understands that Max Verstappen's team has "suspects" in mind. These would be three engineers, allegedly involved in the 'Green Red Bull' copy. Specific names were not mentioned, but it is clear that Red Bull is not going to let this go unchallenged.

Car has been approved

Despite the car bearing many similarities to the RB18, the FIA has approved Aston Martin's car for this weekend. Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll are therefore permitted to take part in this weekend's Grand Prix in Spain with the current bolides.

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