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Verstappen seeks 'middle ground': 'Long runs good, over one lap of work to do'

Verstappen seeks 'middle ground': 'Long runs good, over one lap of work to do'

20 May - 17:28


Max Verstappen finished the first free practice session confident, but in the second free practice session he saw the Ferrari and Mercedes drivers finish ahead of him on the red tire. So there is still work to be done for Red Bull Racing. Verstappen speaks of a difficult first day in Barcelona

"It's hard to find the right balance, also considering the heat," Verstappen says to The Telegraph after the second free practice session. So in one lap the Ferrari's seem to have the advantage, although the reigning world champion knows all too well that the points were distributed on Sunday. In the race simulation, Red Bull, on the other hand, seems to have a small lead again.

Verstappen wants to make another step

Verstappen is a lot better about that."The longruns looked good. I'm happy with that, but we have to find a middle ground, because in one lap we do have some work to do," he agrees. Speaking to Sky Sports, the Dutchman goes on to say,"It's tough for the tires here, in terms of balance we're not quite satisfied yet. At least the weather is consistent, so we can continue with this."

The Mercedes were in good shape in FP2 with second and third times. Verstappen is confronted by the reporter of the British television channel that Red Bull Racing was slower. He doesn't want to waste many words on it. He seems to want to focus mainly on his own team."I have my timesheet, I see it, we just have work to do for over one lap," he said.

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