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Russell: Don't think we're going to find that 'killer switch'

Russell: "Don't think we're going to find that 'killer switch'"

20 May - 12:46 Last update: 14:06


Russell seems particularly focused ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix. The Briton doesn't think Mercedes will make a big move in Barcelona right away, but he does hope that a good direction can be found.

Russell fully focused on improvements

Russell is one of the few drivers in 2022 who has finished all five races. It's not yet relevant what that says about the other drivers and about the 2022 cars, but it seems like quite an achievement in Mercedes' bumpy W13. Russell is not concerned with it. At the press conference, the Brit says, "Being the only one to finish all the races doesn't tell me much. We have to go after Ferrari and Red Bull Racing. That's what matters."

Russell expects his car to be slightly faster in Spain because of aerodynamic updates. The problem is that the rivals have brought those too. "It's a fight against others, not just against time." Russell concludes, "I think the weekend will be interesting for us. I don't think we're going to find the 'killer switch' that puts us on the podium, but maybe we'll get some good answers that point us in the right direction."

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