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Norris: 'Ferrari is the example that we can also get back to the top'

Norris: 'Ferrari is the example that we can also get back to the top'

20 May - 11:59 Last update: 14:05


For McLaren, 2022 has been a rocky year so far. The team started particularly poorly compared to how they finished last season. Nevertheless, Lando Norris did manage a podium finish in the meantime. The Brit thinks his team can overcome the problems.

Norris not worried

Norris, despite the difficult start to the season, is moving reasonably well with the subtop. He is only one point behind Lewis Hamilton in seventh place in the championship and he has a 24 point lead over his teammate Daniel Ricciardo. That he is up against the seven-time world champion shows Norris that things are not so bad for the team.

At the press conference prior to the GP of Spain, the McLaren driver says, "It's surprising to see the difficulties at Mercedes. It shows us that being on top is not as easy as it seems. In my view, racing against Hamilton and [George] Russell is nice for a change." In doing so, Norris is also positive about McLaren's future: "The fact that Ferrariis now back at the top is an example of the fact that we too can return to the top."

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