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Ricciardo laughingly admits: 'It's kind of gross'

Ricciardo laughingly admits: 'It's kind of gross'

19 May - 13:45 Last update: 14:00


Daniel Ricciardo has made it a tradition over the years to drink from his own shoe when he gets on the podium. He got other drivers to imitate the scene as well. At GQ Sports he speaks about the shoey. 

It has been a while since the Australian last stood on the podium. At the Grand Prix in Italy, he managed to take the victory and he continued the tradition of filling his shoe with champagne and then drinking it.

Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris were willing to join him in the past and drank from his shoe as well. "Over the years, I have certainly made it a thing, the shoe on the podium," Ricciardo explains in the video.

Ricciardo feels sorry for Hamilton and Norris

After a tiring race, Ricciardo realizes that it's definitely not nice to smell his shoe, he reveals with a laugh. "It's tough cause I've raced 90 minutes in this boot and it's pretty hot. There's definitely a lot of sweat and it's kind of gross."

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