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Sainz makes fans at Spain GP clear promise: 'I can guarantee that'

Sainz makes fans at Spain GP clear promise: 'I can guarantee that'

19 May - 12:40 Last update: 13:30


Carlos Sainz has the chance to take his first Grand Prix victory ever in his home country this weekend. The Ferrari driver knows that the competition will again be fierce, but says in a press release from the racing team that he will give everything.

Sainz is seemingly losing out this season to Charles Leclerc, who has led the world championship since the first race. However, the Madrileño realizes that it is possible for him to win GPs. He hopes this will happen in Spain.

The Ferrari driver is looking forward to getting into his car and hitting the track in his home country and is counting on a lot of support from the stands. "After two years with little or no fans at the track I’m very happy that this year the circuit is completely sold out," Sainz said.

Sainz makes fans a promise in Barcelona

Although he finds it difficult to assess what is possible next weekend, he makes a clear promise to the fans. "I know we will receive massive support from every grandstand at the track and I can guarantee the fans maximum effort from myself and from the entire team, to give them plenty to cheer about."

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