Newey criticizes Formula 1 after heavier cars

Newey criticizes Formula 1 after heavier cars

19 May - 11:49 Last update: 12:37

The new regulations in place in Formula 1 this season should make the competition more intense in the years to come. Adrian Newey thinks it is good that the motorsport class wants to make the championship more exciting, but argues that not everything makes Formula 1 better.

For years the championship was virtually drawn out prior to the season, but that has changed this season. Red Bull Racing and Ferrari are fighting each other to the death for the world title, while there is also plenty going on in the subtop and midfield.

Newey criticizes Formula 1

However, Formula 1 teams have clearly had a tougher time in some areas. With the budget ceiling, the racing teams have to take a lot of things into account. In addition, the weight of the cars is also a topic of discussion.

"In just a few years, the weight limit has gone from a low 600 kilograms and 30-40 kilograms of ballast on board to cars weighing 800 kilograms and more. And we are all working like crazy to reach the current mandatory minimum weight," Newey explained in conversation with "In short, cars have become bigger and heavier and aerodynamically not very efficient because they have high drag."

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