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Leclerc counters Verstappen: That means you're doing something right

Leclerc counters Verstappen: "That means you're doing something right"

18 May - 20:22 Last update: 20:56


Charles Leclerc has a nineteen point lead left over the Dutchman after two victories by Max Verstappen. Ferrari hopes to stop Red Bull Racing's momentum through the updates the team brings to Barcelona, and thus maintain Leclerc's leading position.

Whereas Verstappen indicated that he prefers the role of hunter - as opposed to being chased - Leclerc states that he prefers it the other way around. Ferrari has led both championships since the opening race in Bahrain and so so far Leclerc is the one being hunted.

Leclerc sees lead shrinking

That situation pleases the Monegasque, as he tells Formula1.com. "I quite like this position to be honest, because it means that you are doing something right," the Ferrari driver states. On the other hand, he sees the gap to Verstappen getting smaller and smaller, and if that continues there may come a time when the two will swap positions.

As long as he is competitive, Leclerc says he can live with that. "I don't really mind, to be honest, whichever position I am in – I just want to be the most competitive out there," he continued. It is precisely there that he fears his team is currently falling short: "At the moment it seems that Red Bull has the upper hand in the races," Leclerc concludes.

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