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Ricciardo: 'F1 isn't being pushed too much in the United States'

Ricciardo: 'F1 isn't being pushed too much in the United States'

17 May - 13:26 Last update: 15:53


With Austin, Miami and Las Vegas, there will be three American Grands Prix on the calendar starting in 2023. A substantial expansion and also a shared record number of races in one country in a season. However, Daniel Ricciardo says the popularity in the United States does not feel forced.

Since Liberty Media took over Formula 1 from Bernie Ecclestone in 2017, Formula 1's popularity in the United States has skyrocketed. Helped by the success of the Netflix series Drive to Survive, Americans have found love for the sport. This led to new Grands Prix's in Miami and, starting in 2023, Las Vegas.

Ricciardo happy with popularity

According to Ricciardo, the increased popularity is not forced. "I don’t feel it’s forced, you know, everyone’s pushing it because everyone wants to see it and the interest is so high and it’s been really cool," the Aussie is quoted by MotorsportWeek.com.

Ricciardo sees the positive side of the sport becoming big in new places. "I’m sure there are people in the States who probably didn’t know what F1 was a few years ago, and now, it’s one of their favourite sports. So that’s really cool to hear," he concludes. The second GP on American soil in 2022 will be held on October 23.

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