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Gasly: 'I don't think we can suddenly overtake ten times more often'

Gasly: 'I don't think we can suddenly overtake ten times more often'

17 May - 09:37 Last update: 12:04


Pierre Gasly had a disappointing weekend in Miami and hopes to be back in Spain. The AlphaTauri driver thinks that qualifying is going to be important, because it will be difficult to overtake others on the track this year as well.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a circuit with a lot of character and many different elements. What the circuit just doesn't have in abundance are overtaking opportunities. Even with the new 2022 cars where it should be easy to overtake, Gasly still doesn't expect things to be very different this year. In AlphaTauri's preview, the Frenchman tells us what to look out for this weekend.

Gasly expects exciting midfield

"Last race we got both cars in Q3, so it was our best qualifying of the season. It was going well until I made contact with Fernando [Alonso]. It ruined my race. That was disappointing because we drove a solid weekend. We definitely deserved the points." During the upcoming race, it will be especially exciting in the midfield, according to Gasly: "Sometimes we are up front there and then with a loss of just two tenths you can already be back at the back."

Gasly: "We know that overtaking is very difficult at this circuit and that will remain the same, even with these new cars. It's important for us to qualify well and come out at the front of the field. In fact, I would be surprised if we can overtake ten times more often than before."

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