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Horner happy with competitiveness Ferrari: It's good for Formula 1
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Horner happy with competitiveness Ferrari: "It's good for Formula 1"

15 May - 12:37 Last update: 13:31


Christian Horner is happy that Red Bull Racing will be competing against Ferrari this year. He thinks it is good for the sport that the historic team is competitive again and praises the new generation of drivers, including Charles Leclerc and Red Bull's own Max Verstappen.

"It's a great competition between this young generation that's coming through," Horner said in conversation with CNN. He therefore calls the current Formula One season in which the 24-year-old Verstappen and Leclerc are competing against each other a "changing of the guard".

Changing of the guard in Formula 1

The Red Bull Racing team boss also refers to the youth of both rivals, in which they already encountered each other frequently. That rivalry has now continued in the premier class of motor racing. "The racing between the two of them at each Grand Prix so far this year has been fantastic," continued the 48-year-old Briton.

That Ferrari has made a comeback Horner thinks is only positive, especially given Mercedes' disappointing performance in 2022. "It's great to be racing Ferrari, it's good for Formula One to have Ferrari competitive," Horner said.

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