FIA president proclaims his opinion on wearing jewelry

14-05-2022 19:15 | Updated: 14-05-2022 19:45
FIA president proclaims his opinion on wearing jewelry

It's a hot topic in Formula 1 these days: not being allowed to wear jewellery. Since this season the FIA enforces the wearing of jewellery and that has not gone down well with Lewis Hamilton. Mohammed ben Sulayem is now also getting involved in the discussion and argues that Hamilton should just listen.

Hamilton has a nose piercing that he can't just take out. The seven-time world champion has no intention of doing so either, but in doing so, he is likely to run into penalties. In Miami, Hamilton was given a medical exemption, but that will not be the case for the remainder of this season.

FIA is not going to budge

Hamilton had brief contact with Ben Sulayem on the Friday of the Grand Prix weekend. He pleaded, according to Sportsmail by text message for clemency, having previously attempted to call the FIA president. Ben Sulayem states he likes jewellery, but: "In the car, there can be no choice," he is clear. "People say they (the rules) haven't been implemented before. Don't ask me why not. People can ask the old regime why that is the case.'

Formula 1 and Hamilton are diametrically opposed. On a first offence, Hamilton seems to get a fine, but if he continues to refuse, a points deduction or a race suspension is not out of the question either. When asked by Ben Sulayem what Hamilton faces, he replied. "That's up to him. There are fines that apply. It's like if someone speeds on the roads - you can't stop them doing it but they get fined, even if it was accidental.

Criticism of Hamilton

There is much criticism of Hamilton's position. Will Buxton and former F1 driver Jan Lammers believe that the British driver just has to deal with it, McLaren's team boss Andreas Seidl speaks words to the same effect. Hamilton, however, is supported by Sebastian Vettel. The Aston Martin driver speaks of "personal freedom".

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