Windsor sees remarkable choice Mercedes: "That stings at Hamilton"

14-05-2022 13:03 | Updated: 14-05-2022 14:51
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Windsor sees remarkable choice Mercedes: That stings at Hamilton

Although Toto Wolff could not wish for a better driver duo at Mercedes, Peter Windsor is critical of the team's choice to put George Russell alongside Lewis Hamilton in 2022.

Why no division of roles at Mercedes?

Windsor is critical of the way things are going at Mercedes. Following the final laps in the Miami race, the Briton argues that Hamilton is more bothered by his new teammate than benefiting from it. Indeed, Russell defeated the seven-time world champion again and is two spots ahead of him in the standings with a lead of 23 points.

In an interview on YouTube Windsor states that Mercedes should have listened better to Hamilton and kept Valtteri Bottas: "In Michael Schumacher's time you also saw that he always had a second driver who helped him win the title. At Red Bull, you see that now with Sergio Perez alongside Max Verstappen. At Mercedes, Bottas filled that role for Hamilton."

Mercedes isn't listening to Hamilton anymore

Windsor is clear in his opinion that Mercedes has let Hamilton down. The team has chosen to go with Russell despite the seven-time world champion's insistence. "That stings with Hamilton," Windsor said. That the current W13 is not yet an optimal race car is annoying, but according to Windsor, it would also help to solve the problems with the driver duo. The analyst's solution is to demote Russell.

"If I were team boss at Mercedes, I would have had Russell signed to be second driver. I would have shoved a contract under his nose that says he cannot finish ahead of Hamilton."

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