De Vries can hope: 'By now nobody dares to write him off'

13-05-2022 18:53 | Updated: 13-05-2022 19:15
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De Vries can hope: 'By now nobody dares to write him off'

There is a chance that Nyck de Vries will make his appearance in Formula 1 this season. The Dutchman is said to be on the list of Williams to replace Nicholas Latifi in the summer break and seems to be up for that challenge. NOS reporter Louis Dekker expects that De Vries will be able to handle the level, he says to the medium.

De Vries hoped prior to the season that a Formula 1 team would show interest in him, but it did not result in a contract. As a result, he started the racing year in Formula E and no longer assumed he would be back in Formula 1 this season. According to Dekker, it is not inconceivable that Williams will consider recruiting him.

"De Vries has been written off an awful lot in his career, but nowadays nobody dares to write him off for Formula 1," he reveals. Dekker also thinks Oscar Piastri is a good candidate. "Piastri is much more popular at the moment, but never write De Vries off, that has happened too often. He is good enough, certainly for the middle of Formula 1."

Williams not convinced by Latifi for now

Latifi is still without any points this season, while his new teammate Alexander Albon shot straight from the start with three points. For now, however, the doubts surrounding Latifi remain just rumors.

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