Ricciardo puts his finger on the sore spot: 'Not suited for this'

13-05-2022 17:48 | Updated: 13-05-2022 19:08
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Ricciardo puts his finger on the sore spot: 'Not suited for this'

The Formula 1 drivers suffered greatly from the poor asphalt on the track during the Miami Grand Prix last weekend. Daniel Ricciardo was likewise frustrated about the track during his drive and made a cautionary comparison in his mind, according to an interview with Formulapassion.it.

"It reminded me of the ground near my farm in Australia, with that loose gravel," states Ricciardo, who believes the organization needs to improve the asphalt for the upcoming season. "It's nice for off-road, but these Pirelli tires are not very well suited to this loose asphalt."

Ricciardo suffered greatly from the heat

It wasn't just the asphalt that made it difficult for the drivers to perform; they also struggled in other areas to deliver a top performance. For example, Ricciardo, like other drivers, complained about the heat they had to deal with in Miami.

The Australian emphasizes that the teams are working hard to have as little weight on board as possible. According to him, this is at the expense of the water taken on board, so Ricciardo was dehydrated after the race. He also failed to score any points for his team. Ricciardo crossed the finish line as the thirteenth driver.

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