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FIA and F1 diametrically opposed: 'This is just a small part'

FIA and F1 diametrically opposed: 'This is just a small part'

13 May - 09:02 Last update: 09:12


Scott Mitchell fears that there is more to the piercing and underwear discussion that is currently going on between F1 drivers and the FIA. In a column for The Race the journalist describes a larger problem in the sport.

In Miami, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel made a clear statement. The Briton showed at the press conference with three watches and numerous pieces of jewelry that he thinks the FIA's cited rules are nonsense, and Vettel walked with underpants over his overalls to show that he didn't think the mandatory fireproof undergarments were necessary.

F1 vs. the FIA

It caused hilarity, but according to Mitchell, it is also remarkable that the two drivers with the most world titles under their belts are speaking out so harshly about the motorsport federation. According to the journalist it shows the bigger problems in the sport, where the new president of the FIA, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, wants to make more of a mark. For example, he would demand more revenue from F1, where half of the sport's revenue already goes to the motorsport federation.

The no-nonsense approach that the new race directors(Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas) have shown by wanting to follow every rule to the letter comes from the new president, according to Mitchell. The same president is also said to have laid down for the six sprint races in 2023, where the teams and F1 were already completely out of it.

Abu Dhabi 2021

It would all go back to 2021, where the opinions of the FIA and F1 have diverged. Stefano Domenicali would not have been happy with the handling of Abu Dhabi 2021 and especially how the FIA acted after it. That the FIA has now gone the other way by wanting to comply with everything is causing discontent within F1.

The discussion about jewelry, jewelry and fireproof underwear is perhaps only a small part of a much larger conflict within the sport. The question is how the two sides can come closer together again. After all, they do need each other.

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