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'Rumors of spent development budget Red Bull are nonsense'

'Rumors of spent development budget Red Bull are nonsense'

11-05-2022 18:49 Last update: 19:13


Ferrari has already announced hefty updates for the Spanish Grand Prix, but Red Bull Racing is also coming up with an upgrade for the next race weekend. After two victories in a row for Max Verstappen, the team doesn't want to be left behind.

Red Bull has been struggling with the weight of the RB18 since the beginning of the season. They are therefore working hard to make the car lose weight, something that has already happened with new upgrades in Imola, but in Barcelona there will be another upgrade.

The car of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will in fact be a lot lighter. The Telegraaf reports that the team's new, lighter parts will result in a weight loss of three to five kilograms. This should make the car a bit faster.

Rumors about Red Bull are nonsense

In an earlier interview, Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto revealed that Red Bull would have already spent a lot more money than Ferrari. Italian media even report that Red Bull would already be on 75 percent of the development budget. Because of the budget cap, teams have to be mindful of the costs, as only $140 million can be spent in 21 races.

Insiders of The Telegraaf also report that the rumors about the spent budget are nonsense. Red Bull is economizing where possible, for example, there is less use of spare parts and fewer staff travel to the circuit. Helmut Marko has also contradicted Binotto's remark, according to the Red Bull advisor the team is on equal footing with Ferrari.

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