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Freitas set to make debut as race director in Barcelona

Freitas set to make debut as race director in Barcelona

10 May - 21:00 Last update: 10 May - 21:00


Eduardo Freitas will make his debut as Formula One race director at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. He will reportedly also take charge of the next race in Monaco, after which his schedule will be compromised due to the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

His colleague Niels Wittich took the lead as race director in the first five races, and caused quite a stir especially at the Miami Grand Prix. A real riot started around Lewis Hamilton's jewelry and Sebastian Vettel's underpants, which will be strictly monitored from now on.

Freitas makes debut as race director

In Spain and Monaco, Wittich will act as deputy race director with Freitas in the lead role, according to Motorsport.com report. However, the subsequent Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku clashes with the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which Freitas is also attached to as race director in the WEC.

For the same reason, Freitas also missed the Grands Prix of Bahrain and Miami, where Colin Haywood took over as Wittich's deputy. Each of the two race directors can be used by the FIA and are therefore effectively interchangeable as it suits.

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