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Is self-doubt creeping in for Sainz? 'You start to doubt your own ability'

Is self-doubt creeping in for Sainz? 'You start to doubt your own ability'

10-05-2022 20:32 Last update: 10-05-2022 20:32


Unlike Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz had anything but a trouble-free start to the season. While his teammate leads the championship, the Spaniard is still struggling to adapt his driving style to the F1-75, something which, according to Marc Priestley, inevitably causes the driver to doubt himself.

"I don't know if it's a matter of buckling under pressure, but it's very difficult to pull yourself out of a situation that keeps repeating itself. Just ask Daniel Ricciardo," says Priestley, referring to the Australian's difficulty with adapting to the MCL36. He suspects the same could well be going on with Sainz.

Difficult time for Sainz

Priestley emphasizes in his YouTube-broadcast that there is no question that one of these drivers has suddenly forgotten how to drive a Formula One car, but that the new generation of cars simply requires a specific driving style that differs significantly from what the drivers were used to.

"Some drivers have a driving style that naturally suits them, others will have to work a little harder to adapt their driving style to the new 2022 cars," the Brit continues. He adds, however, that this is easier said than done.

Another factor that may play a role, according to the analyst, is uncertainty. Because he himself did not have a trouble-free season start, unlike Charles Leclerc, doubts are already creeping in to Sainz, according to Priestley. "You start doubting your own ability and start wondering if your teammate is going to get preferential treatment from the team," Priestley concludes.

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