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Newey thinks Ferrari will fight back: 'It's so close'

Newey thinks Ferrari will fight back: 'It's so close'

10 May - 10:37 Last update: 13:27


For the second weekend in a row, Red Bull Racing showed that they can fight Ferrari for the titles in 2022. After the 1-2 win in Imola, Max Verstappen managed to take the win again in Miami, but it was not without a struggle. Due to damage, a large part of Friday practice fell into the water.

Nevertheless, they managed to recover perfectly and had a fast car to win the race with. Adrian Newey does not want to talk about an easy victory, however, as he explains at the F1 Nation podcast. "As you saw, it is so close, so you really can’t say that." Red Bull's top designer takes last year as an example, in which they managed to win a number of races with ease then the race after that they had to give up against Mercedes.

Red Bull learned a lot in Miami

In Miami, Ferrari seemed to have the faster car which led to a 1-2 in qualifying. Verstappen passed Carlos Sainz at the start for second place and on the ninth lap Charles Leclerc had to let the Dutchman pass. Newey could not have guessed that the strategy would subsequently be a one-stop-shop.

"It has quite been a difficult track, because the tarmac is completely different. The way that the tyres behave on that has been a bit different to what we have experienced." Newey thinks they were lucky with the large amount of red flags in free practice, which also meant the other teams didn't know how the tires would react to the longer runs, which they normally test during the second free practice.

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