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Andretti lobbying in F1 paddock for own team in 2024

Andretti lobbying in F1 paddock for own team in 2024

8 May - 08:03 Last update: 11:52


For months now rumours have been circulating that Michael Andretti has plans surrounding an F1 team of his own. For a long time these seemed to be just rumours, until an engine deal was signed with Renault and serious talks took place with Alfa Romeo and Sauber about a possible take-over of the team. However, those talks broke down, so Andretti is looking for other options.

The only remaining option seems to be setting up his own F1 team. Andretti is pushing ahead and now that F1 is in America for the Miami Grand Prix, the American is striking. Pictures from the paddock in Miami show that the team boss is lobbying hard to get approval from all the teams.

Some teams are already behind Andretti

F1 journalist Jenna Fryer, for example, reveals that Andretti has sat down with Christian Horner at Red Bull Racing for consultations. 

It can be seen that Laurent Rossi has already signed on behalf of Alpine and Zak Brown has signed on behalf of McLaren. For Andretti, it will be important to make big moves this weekend, as they want to be on the grid with their own team as early as 2024.

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