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Mercedes technical chief calls new regulations a 'minefield'

Mercedes technical chief calls new regulations a 'minefield'

25 January - 08:18 Last update: 09:36


All teams are still working hard to make their cars as competitive as possible for 2022. James Allison explains in a video from Mercedes that this is not so easy yet.

Mercedes wants to win again

The 2022 Formula One season could turn the sport's ranking upside down. With a complete set of new aerodynamic regulations, teams must work hard to be competitive again in the coming season. According to Mercedes' top technical executive, that's not as easy as it seems.

Indeed, in the video Allison talks about the biggest set of regulations he has encountered in his F1 career. It is also completely different from previous years, which meant that teams had to start completely from scratch. This makes it a particularly difficult challenge, but one that Allison says Mercedes loves.

Minefield of regulations

''It's our job to look at the rules and make a better car than any other. When it's as new as these regulations, you see opportunities and dangers everywhere. We are trying to find our way through this minefield and pick up all the 'treasures' we find along the way, to build a car that we can compete with at the front.''

So although there was talk of very strict rules from day one, Allison points out that in every little rule there is an opportunity to do something special. So we don't have to assume that all the cars will look like the 2022 show model. The question is who has found the golden egg, but we will only see that in Bahrain.

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