Decision Marko caused Tsunoda to change ‘lazy’ attitude

21-01-2022 16:58 | Updated: 21-01-2022 19:36
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Decision Marko caused Tsunoda to change ‘lazy’ attitude

Yuki Tsunoda made it clear in his debut year in Formula 1 that he has the necessary self-reflection. The Japanese rookie was surprised by his contract extension with AlphaTauri, because he believed that he crashed too often. He knows where the turning point came for him, which has everything to do with Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko.

One of his biggest mistakes, he says, was his lack of focus on preparing for each race. That problem was solved when Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri, led by Marko, decided to move the Japanese driver to Italy.

Tsunoda considered himself a 'lazy b*stard'

There, he underwent an intensive program, in which he was expected to attend daily training sessions, English classes, and introductions to the factory. In conversation with Tsunoda admits that he was a "lazy b*stard" before moving to Italy. Previously, he often started his preparations for a race late, but his move and changed lifestyle put an end to that.

The Turkish Grand Prix was a turning point for the AlphaTauri driver. In his own words, before that he was often too concerned with avoiding mistakes, with the result that he was too slow. Here he now thinks he has found a middle ground. He realised that being careful takes time in a sport that is all about speed and results and changed his attitude.

This ensured that he did not experience a crash for a long time after that moment. However, he also thinks that the different chassis he received in Turkey played a role, as he now has better control of the car. The adjustments made, combined with the self-confidence his contract extension gave him, mean that Tsunoda is looking forward to the 2022 Formula One season with more confidence.

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