McLaren also announces 2022 car launch date

17-01-2022 16:16 | Updated: 17-01-2022 17:51
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McLaren also announces 2022 car launch date

McLaren is the third team to announce the date of its car launch. The new car will be presented on February 11.

This currently makes McLaren the second team to present the car for the new season. Aston Martin precedes them on February 10, and Ferrari follows on February 17. Thus, the calendar is slowly starting to get fuller and fuller.

Special launch

McLaren's launch promises to be even more special, as the team will not only present the Formula 1 car, but also the cars of its other racing classes. These are Extreme E, IndyCar and the Esports Series.

Like Ferrari and Aston Martin, the McLaren team hopes to make a big step in 2022 with the new regulations. Last season McLaren lost the third spot in the constructors' championship to Ferrari by a small margin, but they will want to change that next season.

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