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Ricciardo: 'Think that's the biggest win of my career'

Ricciardo: 'Think that's the biggest win of my career'

15 January - 09:29 Last update: 12:44


Daniel Ricciardo did not have a great first season at McLaren, but he did manage to win the Italian Grand Prix. The Aussie called his victory the most important moment of his motorsport career.

2021 a tough year for Ricciardo

Ricciardo had a weak first half of the season at McLaren in 2021 in which he was beaten on all fronts by his much younger teammate Lando Norris. After the summer break, however, there seemed to be a slight turnaround in Ricciardo's form. The Australian managed to take the lead after a strong start at the Italian Grand Prix and never gave it away again.

Asked by F1.com what was the proudest moment of his season Ricciardo chose Monza. "But that's not just because I won the race. It's more the fact that I'm sure 99% of people would have not put me down to win a race this year, so that's why I'm most proud of that moment," the eight-time Grand Prix winner said.

Monza was better than any other day

Ricciardo said he was able to overcome all the lows and take advantage of the opportunities he was given at Monza. Ricciardo is beginning to realise that effect more and more and he thinks that one day surpasses everything, including wins at Red Bull Racing: "I really do think it was the biggest moment, win, race, day of my motorsport career."

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