Gasly is ready for the next step, but where should he go?

10-01-2022 09:41 | Updated: 10-01-2022 09:43
Gasly is ready for the next step, but where should he go?

For Pierre Gasly, 2022 is an exciting year. The Frenchman will begin his third full season at AlphaTauri since his return in mid-2019. It seems to be his last season at his current team. The question is, therefore: where can Gasly go after 2022?

The return to AlphaTauri

After an unsuccessful adventure at Red Bull Racing, Gasly returned to what was then called Toro Rosso. Strong results and a first podium finish saw the Frenchman regain his form, which he took with him into 2020. Since then, no one can ignore Gasly's qualities.

Gasly qualified in the top ten time and time again and was even able to reach the top six on the odd occasion. In addition, he turned out to be a strong racer on the Sunday. When crazy things happened on the track, Gasly often managed to make the best of it. In Italy, for example, he scored his first victory after a crazy race and he managed to score another podium place after a crash by Max Verstappen and a mistake by Lewis Hamilton in Azerbaijan.

All-French team

There seem to be a few options for Gasly when it comes to a next team. The first of these is Alpine. Esteban Ocon has signed a long contract with the team, but Fernando Alonso is fixed until 2022. Moreover, the Spaniard will already reach the age of 41 in 2022 and seems to be embarking on his farewell tour.

The first of two problems with this switch could well be the relationship between Ocon and Gasly, as the two Frenchmen would not get along well. The second problem is Formula 2 champion Oscar Piastri who deserves a seat in Formula 1 after all his victories in the junior classes.

Replacing a multiple champion

Aston Martin is the next option, but only if Sebastian Vettel doesn't deliver or puts a stop to his career by himself. Lance Stroll will not be easily sidelined by father Lawrence who holds the reins at the British team. For Gasly it could initially be a step aside, but Aston Martin seems to be working hard behind the scenes. For example, the first steps are already visible when it comes to the team's new factory.

McLaren currently has no young drivers who have a serious chance of a seat in Formula 1 in 2023. The only driver currently under the McLaren Young Driver Programme is Ugo Ugochukwu. However, the American is only fourteen years old and has yet to make his debut with the cars. Should Daniel Ricciardo have a dramatic season, as the vast majority of 2021 was, Gasly looks like a serious option for the men in papaya.

The outsiders

The rumour appeared earlier, but Mercedes also seems to be interested in Gasly's services. Lewis Hamilton is still keeping quiet when it comes to whether or not he will continue in Formula 1. Even if he continues in 2022, it remains to be seen whether he will continue in 2023. Gasly could be ideal for Mercedes. He knows how rival Red Bull operates and has shown great progression.

Last but not least, we must not forget Red Bull. Gasly has already had his first chance with the team and wasted it, but even Helmut Marko and Christian Horner cannot ignore the progression Gasly has made. Should Sergio Perez not deliver in 2022, Gasly is a very dangerous option who could just make his comeback at the Austrian top team.

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