Raikkonen explains strange garden habit: If I have to, I have to

Raikkonen explains strange garden habit: "If I have to, I have to"

8 January - 18:02 Last update: 23:24

Kimi Räikkönen revealed in his biography that he likes to pee in the garden. His busy schedule as a Formula 1 driver in recent years has meant that he has had little time for this. Now that the Finn has hung up his helmet on the willows, he says he has more time for that again. Furthermore, Räikkönen is asked by Sport Bild Räikkönen is asked about the fact that many people call him a legend.

The German medium is curious to know when Räikkönen last urinated in his own garden. He indicates that he does not know the exact day, but does state that it was not long ago. Räikkönen is not going to stop here either. "It's normal for me. When I was a kid, we didn't have a toilet in my parents' house. Where else would you pee? Of course, I will continue to do it. I have no problem with it. If I have to, I have to."

Is Raikkonen a legend?

The 42-year-old driver became a Formula One world champion in 2007 and competed in a total of 353 Grand Prix weekends, 349 of which he actually took part in during race. Many label Räikkönen as a legend. How does he himself view this? Is this true? "People say it is. I'm not interested in it myself. I know who I am. I am Kimi," he replies to his Kimi's.

We won't see Räikkönen back in the premier class of motor racing, but perhaps in time, his son will follow in his footsteps. Räikkönen is not putting any pressure on and hopes that his children will do what they enjoy.

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