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Ricciardo makes extraordinary confession: 'You're absolutely right'

Ricciardo makes extraordinary confession: 'You're absolutely right'

8 January - 10:52 Last update: 13:33


Daniel Ricciardo has been known as a reliable driver in Formula 1 for many years. The Australian started the season disappointingly in 2021, but worked his way back up during the course of the season. Despite his qualities, he also has his downsides.

Where some drivers know every part of the car, it is a different story with Ricciardo. He tells that in the Gypsy Tales podcast. The former teammate of Max Verstappen states that he is especially good with a Formula 1 car, but that his qualities in other areas are somewhat disappointing. His friends regularly make jokes about Ricciardo's technical skills.

"You're absolutely right. I don't actually know that much about technology. I prefer to put my energy into the area where I know what my goal is: driving this car," Ricciardo commented. "Maybe I have a certain indifference here. But that also allows for an unfettered approach to my work, which takes the pressure off."

Fight with teammate Norris

Ricciardo fell well behind Lando Norris in the first half of the season. His teammate managed to get close to Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. After the summer, however, Norris did less and Ricciardo started to develop, so the Australian caught up a little on his teammate. However, the drivers could not prevent Ferrari from taking the third spot in the constructors' championship.

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