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Verstappen must watch out for suspension in first half of season

Verstappen must watch out for suspension in first half of season

03-01-2022 17:12 Last update: 17:28


The season is over and so the balance can be drawn on which drivers received the most penalty points and therefore risk a suspension. Although Yuki Tsunoda will start the new season with the most penalty points, it is mainly Max Verstappen who will have to watch out in the first half of the season.

Suspension of one race for too many penalty points

In 2014, the FIA introduced a new system whereby drivers can receive penalty points for causing dangerous situations. For example causing a collision, ignoring yellow flags, or driving too fast behind the safety car. In total drivers can get 11 penalty points in a period of twelve months. If a driver gets twelve penalty points or more, he will be suspended from one Grand Prix.

Tsunoda leads the list with eight penalty points, as can be read on WTF1.combut the Japanese rider loses one point after the third Grand Prix and before the summer break his penalty tally could be down to four again. For Sergio Perez, with seven penalty points, penalty points also disappear after the third Grand Prix. The Mexican could go into the summer break with just one penalty point.

Verstappen must watch out for suspension

For Verstappen, however, it is a different story. The Dutchman did not receive a single penalty in the first half of the season, but from the Italian Grand Prix onwards, the number of penalty points increased rapidly. At Monza, he got two penalties for the crash with Lewis Hamilton, at Qatar two penalties for ignoring yellow flags, at Saudi Arabia one penalty for 'leaving the track and gaining a lasting advantage' and two penalties for causing a collision with Hamilton.

This not only means that the new world champion will have to start the new season with seven penalty points but also that penalty points will only disappear in September - after sixteen Grands Prix. Verstappen is the most likely driver to receive a suspension and will have to be careful in the first half of the season.

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