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Masi had a string of bad decisions: 'No common sense'

Masi had a string of bad decisions: 'No common sense'

03-01-2022 11:26 Last update: 12:06


Three weeks after the end of the Formula 1 season there is still a lot of talk about Michael Masi's decisions during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Former Formula 1 driver Stefan Johansson thinks that Masi did not use his common sense when making those decisions.

A lot has already been said about the decisive final round of the season, but Johansson also wants to get involved in this discussion. The Swede was part of the grid for eleven years, driving for Mclaren and Ferrari among others. In total he drove in 79 Grands Prix, but now he often lets his opinion be heard on his blog. Of course he had to give his opinion on this race.

According to the former driver, it's great for the sport that there's so much passion and that so many people are making their voices heard, but that's for a reason. The last race ended up being more of a show than a race and according to him, that didn't make sense. "His decision completely ignored any level of common sense as to what would have been a fair way to handle the situation," he tells F1i.com.

Red flag was the only correct solution

The right solution would have been a red flag. That way it would have been exciting, but it would also have been fair. Because of the decisions he made, the world title was clearly for Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen, despite Lewis Hamilton having driven a faultless race. According to the Swede, this was not the only bad decision made by the race committee.

"This last race was just the culmination of a series of incredibly bad calls that somehow seem to have escalated as the year went on."