Verstappen frustrated: "They don't deserve one word out of my mouth".

05-12-2021 20:28 | Updated: 05-12-2021 21:22
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Verstappen frustrated: They don't deserve one word out of my mouth.

Max Verstappen has finished second at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The Dutchman is frustrated about the result, and especially about the incident with his rival Lewis Hamilton.

Jack Plooij starts the interview at Ziggo Sport by saying that nobody expected this. "In what way?," Verstappen responds. Plooij indicates that there were many ambiguities during the race.

"Neither did I myself. I'm not even going to talk about it, because they don't deserve one word out of my mouth," the Dutchman responds. During the race, Verstappen wanted to let his rival pass, but Hamilton hit the back of the Red Bull instead.

Red Bull was short of speed

"I'm just waiting. I brake to let him pass. I want to give that spot back and then he doesn't pass. Then I end up with a five-second penalty," Verstappen said in frustration. At the time of the interview, he didn't know yet that he has to report to the stewards. "I don't know, is that so? Okay, then it's like that."

"It was hot and the humidity was quite high, so it was not an easy match. Then when you lack speed as well, it's pretty tough. We tried everything, but we just lacked speed," Verstappen finished.

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